Summer Fly Fishing Hot Spot


Now that summer is well underway it’s time to plan that summer getaway you’ve been wanting to take. Montana is the ideal summer destination for fly fishing enthusiasts. During the summer months of June and July is the most productive time for consistent hatches.

The great weather means an increase in salmon flies and PMD yellow sallies, providing a greater opportunity for a bigger catch. The Montana Fly Fishing Lodge is located near major fly fishing spots including the Beaverhead, Big Hole, Madison, and Ruby Rivers.

For more information on booking your summer fishing trip visit Montana Fly Fishing Lodge.


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Score on Big Fish this Season


<h1>It’s Big Fish time!</h1>

The Big Trout Bonanza is underway at the Montana Fly Fishing Lodge! Now through June 15th you can experience the most productive fishing time for big fish. This time period is known for catching the largest fish of the season.

Fish that are known to be caught during this season are salmon, trout, and high mountain grayling. The ideal spots to fish are at upper Beaverhead and Big Hole, this is where you’ll be sure to experience the most activity.

This is a prime time for avid fly fishermen to score on large catches and take advantage of the season before the summer tourists arrive.

Book your spot at the Montana Fly Fishing Lodge now!


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Spring Trout Spectacular


The long awaited spring season has arrived, for fly fishing enthusiasts this time of year is especially exciting.

April 15th kicked off the early season for trout with a number of creeks open for fishing: Beaverhead, Clark Canyon Reservoir, Madison, and Big Hole to name a few. You can also try your luck at high mountain lakes and other spring creeks.

This is the time of year to walk away with your biggest catches. This spring spectacular runs until the third Saturday in May.

To make your solo or group reservation, book at the Montana Fly Fishing Lodge call 406.683.3462 or visit

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Storing Your Fish during a Fishing Trip


Every fisherman has had those moments when they have caught a large amount of fish. They can feel at a loss when it comes to figuring out how to store all of that fish during and after their trip.

First things first. Before you head out, make sure you have a cooler with plenty of ice in it. If you are taking a particularly large group, you will want to bring a larger chest or several smaller ones. Even if the ice melts over the course of the day, you will still want it to keep the fish cool.

Once you are back to your destination, you will want to de-scale your fish and gut them. From there you can cook the fish you will want for that evening. Store the rest in freezer safe bags and then place them in the freezer for future use.

For the best fly fishing trip, look to Montana Fly Fishing Lodge.

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Gather Your Group and Bond Over Fly Fishing Fun


Taking a group on a fly fishing trip can be an incredible bonding experience, filled with fun and plenty of exaggerated fish stories. Even if everyone in your group is at a different level of experience, the group as a whole can learn more about the fine art of fly fishing together in stress-free surroundings.

If you are looking for a great group activity in the outdoors, fly fishing is definitely an experience to remember. A day out in the water will keep everyone busy and provide a relaxing environment to converse and build better relationships. Whether you are on a family outing or need corporate event ideas, fly fishing group trips can be the ideal way to spend a day.

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Fun Outdoor Activities to Try When in Montana


Fun Outdoors

Montana is located in Western United States and is known as the Big Sky Country. If you are ever in Montana, there are some outdoor activities you should consider doing.

Winter Fun

It snows in Montana, plus it has numerous mountain ranges; this is a great combination for some winter fun. Downhill skiing is quite popular in the state of Montana.


If you’re an avid hunter, Montana will excite you. Animals such as elks, moose, mule deer, black bears and bison can be hunted, of course, during their respective hunting season.

Fly Fishing

A popular outdoor activity in Montana is fly fishing. There are many lakes and rivers that are prime locating for a little fly fishing.

Contact Montana Fly Fishing Lodge if you want to have a fly fishing adventure. Don’t let your stay in Montana pass by without a little outdoor adventure.

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The Best States to Visit for a Fly Fishing Adventure


Fly Fishing State

Have you ever wanted to go fishing, but not sure where to go? There are some states that are popular fly fishing destinations.


Michigan is one the more popular fishing states. In Michigan, the Great Lakes and multiple bodies of water can be found, and is a great place to go fly fishing, especially if you are seeking Brown Trout.


Wyoming is like a best-kept secret, that is, when it pertains to fly fishing. Not only are there great fishing lakes, but there is not much fishing activity, so there’s a high possibility of fishing in solidarity.


When someone thinks about fly fishing, Montana is likely to come to mind. Montana has rivers, streams and creeks for anglers to catch some trout, plus the naturally scenery is breathtaking.

If you want to go fly fishing in Montana, contact Montana Fly Fishing Lodge. It’s time to experience an amazing fishing adventure.

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